Drink Wine. Feed Dogs.

Every Bottle Purchased Feeds 5 Shelter Dogs.

Each Bottle Feeds 5 Shelter Dogs

The idea was simple: How great would it be to bring together our passion for wine and dogs? Our specially crafted wines not only taste amazing but also fund meals for hungry shelter dogs in need.

Feeds 5 Shelter Animals

A Tail Wagging Red Blend

Our unique Red Blend is a beautifully balanced blend of Zinfandel from Old Vine Lodi Vineyards, Petite Syrah, and Syrah from low-yield Lake County and Amador County vineyards.

And remember each bottle funds meals for 5 shelter animals. *Bundle multiple bottles and save!

Feeds 5 Shelter Animals

A Chardonnay Worth Barking About

Our Chardonnay displays textbook varietal characteristics, with golden straw color, golden apple and pear flavors, medium body, and a crisp yet smooth finish.

The best part? Knowing that with every glass you pour, a shelter animal gets a full-bellied meal. *Grab multiple bottles at a discount!

Feeds 5 Shelter Dogs

A Pawsitively Fine Sparkling Wine

Enjoy the refreshing feel as this Sparkling Wine washes over the tongue with effervescing apple, nectarine, and biscuit flavors. The fruity taste and beautiful bubbles linger delightfully, making it a natural choice for all your entertaining needs.

It tastes even better knowing that each bottle provides meals for shelter dogs in need!

Feeds 5 Shelter Dogs

A Rosé To The Rescue

Inhale the subtle floral nose of this rare Rosé before delighting in a bite of berry flavors and pleasant hints of ripened fruit that culminate in French style for an elegant experience with a crisp finish.

Sip this Rosé in delight knowing that you’re helping fund meals for shelter pups in need.

Purchase Wine

Select your favorite red or white wine.

Donate Meals

We’ll donate 5 meals to shelter dogs.

Change Lives

Shelter dogs get full-bellied meals.

How Your Purchases Are Making An Impact


Teddy was abandoned and severely underweight. Your purchases helped Teddy by keeping his belly full while the rescue was able to put their resources into his rehabilitation.


Cheese was part of a cruelty case, and was 1 of 9 survivors. Rescuers worked hard to rehabilitate Cheese, while the meals you funded, through your purchases, nourished him back to health.

Save Big When You Bundle

Take advantage of discount pricing when you purchase multiple bottles and feed more shelter dogs.

Helping Dogs Is in Our DNA

Three simple words drive everything we do. Every dog matters. They are the reason we go to work every day. They’re also the reasons our loyal customers proudly wear our apparel, use our products and support the cause. We believe these three words.

In 2014, inspired by his rescued Siberian Husky Splash, Justin Palmer started a Facebook page called I Love Dogs. The page quickly grew to over a million fans and in 2015, Justin cofounded iHeartDogs.com with Marshall Morris, an army veteran. Inspired by their passions for helping shelter dogs and supporting our veterans, Justin and Marshall built a line of products that give back to shelters and raise money to provide service dogs for veterans in need.

To date, iHeartDogs has donated almost 27 million meals to shelter dogs thanks to the support of caring people like you. In addition, we’ve donated over 190,000 toys and 65,000 blankets to shelters, making the lives of dogs waiting for their forever home just a little happier.

With our new wine offerings, we’re hoping to donate even more, impacting the lives of dogs that so desperately need our help. So raise a glass with us as we toast our furry friends – to their health and happiness. Every dog matters!